Tuesday, November 16

Let It Rip

In the past, a run in a stocking was a fashion nightmare. Who knew those annoying little runs in your tights would ever be fashionable? A new immersion in womens fashion is the ripped leggings or tights. In the 1990's ripped tights was without a doubt grunge. Since then, it's taken quickly to the streets. Popularity of tights and most importantly, ripped tights have reached great heights. Mainly the reason is celebrities. Lately we have been seeing alot of this style on celebs like Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, and Miley Cyrus. Pair it up with a beanie, some booties with a pop of color and some chunky jewelry. If you arent sure how to wear this style trend, pair if with basics, but if you're a fashion risk taker: go for it! Ripped tights not only look good with a grunge outfit, but it also works great with a girlish outfit. From the runway to the legs of everyday women, ripped tights are no longer a fashion faux pas, but a fashion statement.

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