Saturday, November 20

Oxford Obsession

Since menswear is such a popular trend for fall, we couldnt help it to fall in love with oxford shoes. Yes we have seen this style around before but it has been stored away in closets for quite some time. The Oxford has gone beyond the suit and tie and can be worn with mini skirts, rolled up boyfriend jeans and dresses but paired with classic formal styles is timeless. With a professional appeal attached to them, the masculine looking pair of shoes called brogues or Oxford made a huge sensation this year. These shoes are loved for their flawless professional look attached to the perfect sophisticated leather and with all these qualities we forget that they're men's inspired. The best way to wear them business-like is to choose a more masculine outfit like some fitted pants and a blazer but in the same time to balance the contrast between feminine and masculine you should add some refine jewels, a feminine sexy blouse, a colorful bag, and a scarf with floral prints. They are a chic way to compliment a more casual outfit and great way to spice up a day to day. These aren't just your dad's shoes.

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