Tuesday, November 23

Walking In A Winter Wear Wonderland!

Time to bundle up! It happens every winter: You get excited for the first snowfall and break out my favorite mittens and scarves, but come mid-January, you're over the white stuff and stuck firmly in an outerwear rut. The weather is officially turning to winter! As much as we will nice weather, one thing that gets us excited for the cold season is all the cute and cozy accessories! Knit or faux is definatly the way to go this season. A sophisticated fur scarf is a big cold weather accessory. Also, chunky knits are still going strong - think long scarves, fair-isle patterns and cable knit knee or above-the knee socks. Layering and color correlation are the key to effective winter fashion. If you’re wearing too many colors in addition to having many layers, you’re going to look like a walking circus. Its the season with the chance to over-accessorize guilt free. So cover that noggin, but do it in style!

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