Monday, December 20

Gold Rush

All that glitters is gold. This winter we’re gold diggers, honey! Not just subtle, understated gold, but the kind of flashy pieces that were only recently relegated to smoky casinos in Las Vegas. Gold is a neutral color and therefor you can wear it with anything. Gold dresses are a sure way to standout at any event because these dresses really shine, specifically the more metallic versions and prints. The brilliant thing about a gold dress is, you hardly need a single accessory, just a great pair of stilettos and a dazzling smile!

For women desiring to add a hint of shine to their attire, there are the dresses that utilize gold sequins, lace linings, and metallic drops. Black and gold are bestfriends this season. With a gold dress, black pumps, black jewelry, and of course a black bag, you'll you super chic. If you're the faint hearted then try gold accessories. There's a huge array of metallic accessories available at the moment, so shine on with armor-inspired shoes, handbags, scarves, belts, cuffs and bangles, gloves, headbands or hats. For a casual look go for a gold sequin tank, a black cardigan, some skinnies, and put on those heels A little gold goes a long way.

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