Tuesday, December 7

One Of The Boys

What is more fabulous, sexy, and intimidating than a woman looking absolutely gorgeous in a tailored, man’s suit? Menswear has never looked so good on a woman. Designers like Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and D&G are hitting the runway with suits for women, cut more like mens. The trend of wearing menswear has maintained its popularity for several years. Menswear is flattering on women and can be mixed with feminine pieces for a balanced look. 

A slouchy pair of trousers is rolled up, belted, and worn with a pair of stilettos, a boxy jacket is mixed with a sheer, chiffon blouse. Whether sleek, casual, or straight from the office, these men’s clothes really show off a woman’s figure. Nothing's sexier than a white menswear shirt unbuttoned as far as you dare or a sleek slit skirt with a tailored jacket. You can always wear a skirt to make your outfit a little more feminine. Textured tweeds, plaids, and argyles, all from his closet; but tailored for you. Fashion is having a masculine moment.

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