Friday, February 4

It's So Fluffy I'm Gonna Die!

Shake your tail feather! Birds of a feather flock together. Store your fur and go for the feather. One of the interesting fashion trends for Spring 2011 is feathers - everywhere. Feathers are no longer considered fashion faux pas, instead are embedded in breathtaking evening gowns and sway in the wind on your skirts and dresses. This years, feathers are attracted to dresses, shoes, cardigans, handbags, and jewelry. You don't want to go outside looking like Big Bird, though!
When you think of birds, the feathers inevitably come across our mind. A little bit flapper, a little bit showgirl, feathers are a great way to have fun with your look this Spring. You look at the runway for this trend and you say to yourself, "what the hell"? Feathers are dramatic enough. The designs of these accessories vary from structured and vintage looking to free-form and bohemian looking. If it's a dress, add some simple jewelry and some sleek pumps. If it's a skirt, pair it with a simple neutral tone top, but keep it simple. You'll outdo the birds with their own ensemble. Birds, bring it on!

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