Monday, November 8

A Bigger Closet: Faux Fur For Fall And Winter

In fashion there's no winter without fur. In case you haven't already noticed, New York's Fall runways flooded with fur. Jackets, hoodies, boots, shoes, bags, you name it: covered in faux fur. The fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has defended the fur industry saying it is justified because the “beasts” fur comes from would “kill us if they could.” Even with the economy being as bad as it is, designers always look for a new way to renew our desire for the latest trends. Add a bit of luxury to your look this season by plopping on a (faux) fur scarf. You can spruce up your classic coat with this and best yet, no matter your size or age, you'll work it. Fake fur or Real? The question will always be undetermined. The choice is yours. Are you for faux fur this season? Take a risk.

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