Wednesday, November 10

Give A Salute To The Miltary Fall 2010 Fashion!

Military-inspired fashion remains in full-force for fall. From brass buttons to camoflauge, a polished uniform look is ready for battle. Fashion runways have been having a military moment since fall 2008. The military jacket is one of the most sought after trends. Everywhere we look, it is all around us, from the combat boots, to the skinny cargos – we’re all set for the draft. Utilitarian inspired jackets go really well with a more feminine base such as shiny skinny leggings, a frilly dress, or jeans with thigh high boots while skinny cargo pants or a skirt look fabulous. Just do not under any circumstance go complete GI Jane by matching a jacket with cargo pants. Even though this look has been around for years, this time the designers go for the elegant side.

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