Thursday, November 11

Project Runway Season 8 Runner-Up: Mondo Guerra

The 32 year old Denver freelance designer had nothing but high hopes coming into the competition of Project Runway season 8. The first garment Mondo ever made was a pair of blue and red faux-fur pants. He first realized he had potential as a designer when he was in highschool. He started shopping in thrift stores for unique finds and bought a glue gun and started to experiment. Mondo admits that he was little stunned by the fact that he found himself in second place after the season finale losing againt Gretchen Jones of Project Runway, he thought he had it in the bag, but in the end he was not disappointed. Guerra said “the whole experience has made me grow as a person. I don’t come out as a winner, but I come out stronger.” But Mondo also gave the season some unexpected emotional heft when he revealed his HIV-positive status to his Project Runway "family" and to viewers, which included his family, who had been unaware of his health condition. His designs were colorful and tasteful, which stood out next to the pool of beige fashion. Mondo Guerra doesn't know what's in store for him next but lets see where the future takes him.

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