Wednesday, December 15

It's A White Winter Afterall

Whoever said you can’t wear white after Labor Day is missing out on wearing designer collections of winter white fashion.  Too much of dark isn’t good. So, white, as a great contrast to black, was nearly everywhere. Why not? It’s cute, feminine and gives a fantastic opportunity to make the world lighter and more exhilarating. Winter white is a trend that returns year after year because it's like a breath of fresh air amongst all the gray, black and brown.

White worn in the winter is more about style, its fabric rather than its shade, and, of course, the climate. White denim is not appropriate for those colder, winter days, but a sleek pair of white pants will look seasonal and chic. Grounding white with a black belt, tights, and shoes will also winterize the look. Try off-white hues. You can still achieve the same bright glory by using similar tones. Pops of white can still brighten up an outfit, bringing a stark, minimalist look. Adding accessories to your winter white can help to acclimate it.  An off-white blazer with a heavy statement belt will make it look current, and not like you are still wearing your summer clothes in the fall. Dare to be a snow queen this winter?

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