Saturday, December 18

When In Doubt Belt It Out

No girl can get by right now without a belt or two to top off any outfit. With the spotlight falling back on the waist, a belt is a great way to draw instant attention. The sleek and skinny belt can add a touch of delicate femininity to a simple getup, whereas wider ones can take your outfit from casual to party to formal. There's nothing more dapper than to dress up your trench, cocktail dress or breezy tunic with these leading-class belt styles made from various fabrics and designed in endless tones. For those of you with defined waists, the belt can reinforce your hourglass silhouette. And for those of you with a more boyish, up-and-down shape, the belt can create the illusion of a defined waist.

Look pulled together and stylish in a simple button-down blouse and sleek belt. Wear a belt over a shirt and sweater; whether you opt for a t-shirt and cardigan duo or a tunic and fly away sweater, belting the pair allows you to manipulate where you want the fabric to fall. Wear a belt with a blazer: Belt a casual pullover with a rustic-looking belt or spruce up your favorite new boyfriend jacket with a wide, buckled belt. Add a skinny belt over a chunky sweater or over your fall coat to update your look. It's the perfect way to breathe new life into the looks you've been wearing all season long!

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