Wednesday, December 29

Patch Things Up!

Our grandmas are definitely proud of the rising popularity of patchwork. Instead of feeling awkwardly retro, the season's patchwork came off with a fresh vibe. Not just for hippies in the 1960's, patchwork has made a big comeback not only this season, but all year round. It wasn’t "The Brady Bunch" that designers were channeling this season on the runways. Instead, we saw scrappy, edgy, and innovative patchwork styles. The traditional patchworks that adorned the quilts have found their way into the sartorial styles of models sashaying on the ramps.
Look for jackets, dresses, sweaters, and patchwork jeans in muted or mature colors for a sophisticated friendly look. Make sure not to go too retro overboard though; the idea is to dress for today, not the days of fashion's past What is great about patchwork is that you’ll never be one of a crowd, you have millions of ways to stand out.

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