Friday, December 31

Mod Squad

History repeats itself. A sartorial inspiration to men and women alike, we've seen an avalanche of elements from the era spill over into fashion's impressionable mind. The year 2011 has created a modern take on 60's style fashion. The look: feminine, mighty mini skirts, high waist shorts, fitted sweaters and cardigans, tight cropped pants, cinched waist, ankle boots, and of course fitted, short mod dresses. Your colour palette is anything but limited, diving from black-white contrast to the richest hues in the rainbow. Give a thank you to Mad Men, Prada, Diane von Furstenberg, and Louis Vuitton for re-inventing this trend.

No mod girl is complete without a pair of over-the-top false eyelashes, and an eyelash curler; nor complete without a bob or pixie cut. The mod look isn't about being a shrinking violet, it's about getting noticed and looking cool. It seemed like the earth’s atmosphere was filled with some kind of artistic oxygen which gave everyone an inventive burst. Not put on those retro sunglasses and strut out the door.

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