Thursday, January 6

Be Biker Chic

Fashion trends come and go, and military fashion has been around for almost a decade. Its time to trade in the military jacket for biker. And what do we do about it? We move on to the tough girl trend that's been waiting to emerge: Biker Chic. Can you imagine the military trend without a military jacket? Of course not. what about the biker trend without a leather jacket? You don't even have to think about it. Thank designers such as Balmain and Burberry for bringing biker to 2011. Its time for the biker world to have their shine.
Bring on the biker brigades of leather, studs, and zippers. It is however, biker chick with an elegance, it is not hardcore and it is not manly. Consider incorporating a piece of biker wear into your wardrobe, such as wearing a nice short leather jacket with jeans and black boots. Try an asymmetrical moto jacket with a flouncy flowery skirt and some pumps to show a more feminine side. Stomp the yard with spunk in stylish, knee high biker boots! Now, only if I had a Harley.

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