Sunday, January 23

Dress Like A Pretty Little Liar

Have you ever watched a television show and say "wow, I wish I could dress like that" ? If you've ever watched Gossip Girl or 90210 and envy the idea of fictional teens wearing ensembles that cost more than your monthly rent? Then you'll appreciate Pretty Little Liars costume designer Mandi Line's approach to affordable fashion.
Hanna Marin is the "it girl" and spends her time spending her mother's money in high-end department stores and the latest boutiques. She will not be caught dead in just any old frock. Hanna is not afraid of style choices or color, or even wearing heels after being hit by a car. Dresses and blazers are her style staples, but don’t forget key touches like ruffles, light fabrics and of course accessories. The price Hanna pays for fashion is not just in the dollar amount.
Emily Fields is definately the sporty chic, comfy style girl of the group. She has a complicated life, therefor she dresses simple, yet cute! Emily's style staples are geat t-shirts in luxe fabrics, stripes, denim skirts, Converse or Toms, and novelty items. She loves layers and flowy fabrics, which adds a girly look to her simple style.
An "Aria Montgomery outfit" is completely unique and you will never forget an ensemble she wears. Her look is all about modern twists on fab vintage pieces that are accentuated with her standout accessories. Aria is definately eclectic, experimental and unexpected. Her signature style staples are combat boots, tights and fishnets, prints and bold colors. Miss Montgomery's unique combination of vintage and retail items gives her a one-of-a-kind style which is edgy, yet soft and sexy.
Smart girls have style, too! Spencer is a timeless beauty. Her style take is modern preppy meets menswear-inspired. Hastings style takes a collegiate twist on the most basic of pieces and if you’re looking to go all out, dress like Spencer. Her signature fashion tricks are cardigans and blazers, oxfords, timeless jewelry and mixing prints in neurtral colors or earth tones. Take Spencer's classic look and make it your own!

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