Friday, January 21

Take A Bow

Bows may be reminiscent of childhood dresses and adolescent headbands, but they need not be just for girls.  Tiny bows, small bows, large bows or over-sized, regardless of the size, bows are guaranteed to add feminine and romantic touches to any ensemble. Not only do you wear it just in your hair, but now bows appear on clothes, bags, and even heels! The trend popped up on runways everywhere in early fall of last year, was quickly picked up by Lady Gaga, and has been out of control ever since.
After years under the chins of the pocket-protector crowd, the bow tie is cool. The great part with bows are that unlike ruffles, you don't have to worry about size. When you add your bountiful bow, eep the rest of your look simple and add minimal jewelry. Choose your bow carefully, placing it where you want to draw attention: the chest, shoulders, or waist for a big impact, or on an accessory for a subtler result. So depending on your personality (prim and proper, dramatic and loud) you can pick your bow type and where it goes. Pop on any big bowed headband or hat and add instant Lady Gaga inspired style!

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