Sunday, January 30

Fashion Is In Bloom

Spring will soon be sprung, literally. Flowers seem to be the major attraction of the spring/summer season on both sides, natural wise as well as fashion wise. Flowers are gorgeous, natural and help enhance femininity making them perfect for the warm weather. Thinking about floral prints reminds us of how bad we want the snow and rain to stop and for the sun to come out.
Incorporate non-floral pieces such as a denim jacket to offset some of the nature-inspired prints. Natural fibers like cotton, straw or denim are basic complements and stick with the organic feeling of florals. Floral prints for the season don’t have to be reminiscent of your grandmother’s couch. Feeling bold? Then go all out with a large colorful flower print. A bit of a wall flower? You can still capture the mood with a floral print accessory. Beware of too-tiny floral prints unless you want to project a girlish vibe. Bring that garden party to the streets!

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