Thursday, June 30

Pick Up The Lace

C'mon ladies, pick up the pace! Oops, in this case I mean lace. Lace is one of the most romantic trends and never goes out of style, although it is revamped every season improving its quality and overall style. White will turn you from the average girl next door into a princess. Nothing exudes femininity like a timeless piece of lace detailing.

What could be more appropriate for summer than some fresh white lace? This summer there are numerous types of lace dress to wear: body hugging, A-line, a shift dress, or sleeveless! You may want to even add a thin belt to your dress or lace skirt? Add a bandeau under your sheer lace button-up, perhaps? Don't go for Madonna's head-to-toe "Like a Virgin" look because you will end up looking like your mother's 1987 table cloth. Please your girly appetite with some lace! Lingerie-inspired, so desired.

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