Wednesday, June 29

Stripe Tease

Be bold in the most graphic pattern of the season! Stripes never go out of style, but each season they re-invent themselves to keep up with the latest trends. Last season stripes were nautical, this season they are full of color! Men's fashion is full of plain striped button ups and polos, but women's fashion takes a whole new twist on stripes. 

From flirty to sporty daywear styles to swimsuits, the stripe is showing up in all sizes and directions on spring clothing. DO NOT be afraid to use color! It's summer so go ahead and inject some color into those stripes! Inverted V shapes and bold zigzags are a very modern way to wear stripes so you may even want to go for chevron stripes. Nautical stripes are marine and have been very dominant in fashion for a while now; these blue and white stripes can go from casual to glam in a instant. Mixing patterns is a trend in the making so go for risks. Be aware of your body type because some styles of stripes might emphasize some parts of the body you'd rather not. This summer is sure to be a stripe showdown!

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