Friday, July 8

Short Story

This summer is nothing short of fashion. It's that time of the year, to show those long legs of yours off! Your legs are the most dangerous weapon of the body, might as well make men drop their jaws when you walk in the room! Wether its shorts in denim or leather, with prints in bright colors, long or short, wide or high waisted you're sure to accomplish one of the above.
 Tailor Made: Heat up the workplace and look like your ready to impress the big shots in these sleek, professional style shorts. These shorts will most likely be high waisted and have some sort of belt whether it's a rope or a chic bow. Add some inches to those legs with some heels and you'll be sure to show some sex appeal.
 Shred It: Denim shorts will never go out of style, but you can change up those denim shorts to add some spice to your simple outfit. You can grab a pair of scissors and start shredding the pockets; or if your good with sharp objects, go wild and shred up the whole leg! Now all thats left is adding a simple tee or crop top and some flip flops and your good to go for a hot summer day.
Pretty in Print: Style history repeats itself, so why not go for some retro print shorts? Floral shorts are here to make your summer just a little more fresh and fun. Tribal shorts are all the rage right now and all you have to do is tuck in a plain tee. Pattern shorts are a sure hit and a revival of the 70's so you are sure to look like a fashionista this summer!
 Color Theory: Make a statement in BBC (bright, bold, and colorful) shorts! J Crew has definitely set the pink shorts in stone this season. The easy way to rock a winning style is by color-blocking similar colors together.

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