Tuesday, October 8

Heel Appeal

Pump it Up: No matter how many styles change, pumps will forever be in. Just like the little black dress, they are a must in every woman's closet. They can be peep toe, pointy toe, open toe, round toe or even square toe. These heels can go from daytime to nighttime with some simple adjustments to your wardrobe. Looking to add some length to those legs? Add some pumps!
Sky High: If life just isn't close enough in reach for you and you need a lift, reach for a pair of platform heels! During the 70's platform shoes adorned the feet of men and women, but now it's safe to say they're only for women. You can strap them on for fall in your high waisted skirts or dresses. Go out in style just don't stumble!

Live on the Wedge: Any time of the year nowadays means wedges, end of story. They reach out to all ages and come in varieties of colors and patterns. Wedge sandals are sexy yet cute and extremely versatile. 

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