Tuesday, October 29

Green with Envy

What color reads fall? Green! Ahh it feels as if you are taking a trip to Emerald City. Redheads rejoice. There are different shades and hues for every skin tone out there. It could either be a pair of earrings, a jacket, pants, a dress, even eye makeup. Green is a color that can transition throughout the whole year; from moss green, , hunter, to emerald, to neon. People are naturally attracted to the color green because it represents life, so why not wear it and grab the attention of others?

Lace is always a classy choice, but sometimes lace dresses aren't always that warm. But in fashion, we risk the cold to look cute, and a green lace dress looks fall enough to make it look like it was meant to be worn in the cold weather. The best time to wear a green sweater, is all the time; in a time where green trees turn brown and lose their life, you be the tree. Accenting a plain colored dress with a bold emerald necklace draws everyone's attention to your smile. Want to brighten up your face? Green smoky eyes are all the rage this fall to bring out your natural color in your face. And of course we have the ever-so-famous military jacket. Pair it with a striped top, some skinnies, and some flats for a casual chic look, and don't forget your red lipstick. These clothes will make you green with envy.

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