Friday, October 25

Pick Fresh Fashion From Your Garden

Flowers are only for Spring? Who said that gardens couldn't grow in the cold weather? As the weather gets colder, the colors of clothing get darker. Spring and summer florals mean fluorescent pinks and yellows that scream in your face, but Fall has a more romantic approach replacing those colors for blacks and reds.

Adding leather gives almost anything that edge you need, so pair a leather jacket with a floral dress or slip on some leather pants to a pretty floral blouse to maintain a feminine look but look like a badass at the same time. Even try adding some wooly tights to keep your legs warm, too. If you need to keep warm during this fall weather, add a floral blazer for a chic professional look. Any type of printed pant screams attention. Pants with a floral print say: "I want to look casual but i also want to command attention when I walk in the room." You don't always have to be decked out head to toe in floral to get a spring vibe in the middle of Winter. Fashion designers understand that sometimes we need to bundle up in heavy jackets so they make accessories that make the outfit pop. Why not add a floral purse? It seeks the attention you want from hiding under than solid color jacket of yours.

Florals during wintertime is all about having fun in the not-so-fun weather. Embrace your inner "lady."

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