Monday, October 21

Beanie Baby

Remember Beanie Babies? Well now all you have to do is put a beanie on your head and you can call yourself one. Pairing knit beanies  coats, leather, and colorful clothing is becoming a fall trend to watch out for. Wearing a being gives you more of a reason to look cute whilst keeping warm. Whether it be a slouchy beanie, fitted beanie, pom pom beanie, or hat beanie, they can make even the most stylish outfit, effortless. They used to be for the skaters and the hipsters but not anymore. When wearing a mono-toned outfit, choose a bright beanie for a pop of color to defeat those winter blues. You don't need an over the top beanie to look cute and comfy, just a plain beanie will suffice to help you stand out. when you wear a bold outfit, go for a gray beanie so you don't look like a head-to-toe crayon. 

Don't forget to pay attention to how you style your hair when you wear a beanie. for long head where your hair down and keep your bangs side-swept. For shorter hair, do as messy curl. If you are having a bad hair day, just wear a low ponie to one side of your face.

Beanies aren't just for the cold weather. They are an all year round trend that seem to be really popular nowadays when worn with high-waisted shorts. But since its fall, beanies are everywhere.

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