Thursday, October 17

The Zoo is in Town and the Animals Have Escaped!

It's a jungle out there! Literally. People everywhere seem to be sporting little animal on their shirts. These cute little creature is the mascot for fall. Whether it be a cute little fox on our sweater or a fierce lion our out Ts, animals are taking over our wardrobes. Feeling foxy? Wear your cute little fox sweater with a button up underneath, light wash jeans, and some flats. The owl is the most common seen woodland creature to be see on today's sweaters. They are so cute and are innocent enough to wear with a flouncy skirt! Join the stampede and wear an outfit incorporated with elephants! Wanna look tough? Well you got to wear a ferocious feline on your shirt, duh.

You can blame Hannah Montana for wearing that meowing kitten sweater. Kittens. Kittens everywhere. These trendy shirts are the cat's meow! Everybody deep down inside has that cat obsession. Lets take cat woman to a whole new level and wear a kitty smack down on your stomach. This craze started over the internet and ended up in the mainstream of being able to find a shirt like this in your local Forever 21. You could go for the hilarious giant cat face or you could buy a blouse with the outlines of cats printed on it. Which one will be your pick of the litter?

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