Tuesday, October 15

Rock Around the Clock

It smells like teen spirit in the crisp, fall air. Rock out this season in your new fall clothes. And no, you don't have to be in a rock band or a Nirvana music video to channel your inner Madonna. You can do this in a tasteful, modern way without looking like you just game here from the 1990s grunge phase. Welcome to the redefined 21st century: edgier than ever.

Live in Leather: What better way to be edgy then to wear a little leather? Or a lot! Leather, whether it's real or not, looks good on almost everyone. Are you biker chic? Add a leather jacket to a pair of skinnies, and a baggy T and top it off with a hat and black booties. Are you a leggy gal? Then leather pants are perfect for you! For a casual look add an over the shoulder T and an infinity scarf and some sneaker wedges. For a nighttime look wear your leather pants with a bold peplum top and some insane pumps. Feeling girly but still want to look edgy? Wear a leather skirt! Tight or flowy, either or looks great. Wear a tight leather skirt with a cropped top or a slightly baggy shirt. For the flowy skirt, wear it with a button up chiffon blouse tucked in and some tights. Want to look like a total knockout? Wear leather head to toe in a leather dress. Just be warned not to wear it too tight.

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