Friday, November 22

Darkness Falls This Season

This season we are shifting back to black. Since when was wearing black ever considered fashion forward? You don't have to be considered goth anymore to wear all black.You have the power to make this color your own. One of the most classic, timeless colors is black. We all know this time of the year is a gloomy part of the year, so we feel like we can dress like it. Who cares? If I feel like wearing black I will wear black. I'm still a girly girl whose favorite color is pink, but I do like me some black. Wear black skinnies with a black leather jacket and you can never go wrong. What about the ever-so-famous LBD?! Take full advantage of it! Dare to bare in a black dress with a plunging neckline or opt for a dress with cut-outs for a more funky look. Black tights turn any dress or skirt up a notch to make you look super polished and professional. Bundle up in a warm black coat to hide your gloominess.  Basic black doesn't have to mean BORING! Be effortless, like Coco Chanel.

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