Friday, November 22

We are the Pinning People

Okay so lately I have had a crazy obsession with Pinterest. It is my go-to for all types of ideas. It could be fashion, wedding ideas, DIY crafts, makeup and hair tutorials, and of course FOOD! Pinterest use to be a thing that moms would do or bride-to-be's to look up ideas but now the website has evolved into a site that can be used by all ages. It's hard to find ways to spruce up my new looks, so I look to Pinterst. Sometimes I like many other people out there, want to try new food because we are so tired of eating the same old meals for dinner or desert. I look to Pinterest for new recipes that not only taste amazing and the picture is enticing, but the recipes are crazy creative. Pinning is simple. First you after you create an account, make your boards. I personally make boards for all types of different things so when I am looking for something specific, I can find it much easier. There are categories to search through to find a variety of what you are looking for, but if you want something more specific you can use the search bar. If you like what other people pin you can also follow them so they pop up on your news feed. All you have to do is click the picture you want to save to your boards and simply hit the "pin" button. It's so simple yet so addictive. It sure beats Facebook and Twitter. I highly recommend hopping on the Pinning train.

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